Are Function’s tests accurate?
Can I add a test after I set up a round of tests?
Can I get tested if I am pregnant or nursing?
Can I just get one of the tests listed?
Do I have to have a prescription to order a test?
Do I need to fast?
Do I need to stop taking my medications before the test?
Do you offer at-home test kits (e.g. finger prick)?
How long does a lab visit take?
How much blood do I have to give per visit?
How often should I be tested?
How do I schedule my lab visit?
I recently tested. Should I wait to do Function?
Should I avoid seafood prior to my test?
What if I have a history of fainting during blood collection?
What more does Function offer than my regular doctor?
Where do I go for my lab visit?
Why do I need to test every six months?
Why does the Annual test require two lab visits?
Will Biotin affect my results?