Can lab tests have errors?
Can I share my results with my doctor?
Do I have access to speak with doctors?
Does a doctor review my results?
Does Function integrate with my Oura, Whoop, Apple Health or other services?
How does Function use AI to analyze my data?
How long will it take to receive your lab results after each visit?
How will I be notified when my lab test results are ready?
How will the lab test results be delivered?
What happens if I believe a test is a false positive or false negative?
What if one of my results is an emergency?
Where do Function's personalized insights come from?
Why are the first set of 100+ lab test results divided into two parts?
Why does a clinician review happen after I've received results?
Will I get a PDF of my results each time I test?
Will I have all the information I need to understand my test results?