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Function is currently in beta. Coming soon is a first-of-its-kind health dashboard. Your past results will be pre-loaded into the dashboard.

Membership includes access to—
- Complete set of 100+ lab tests, every year.
- Mid-year set of 60+ lab lab tests, run six months after your first set of tests.
- Insights from the world’s top doctors based on your results.
Get a re-test anytime with Function’s on-demand menu.

What's next?

So you can now know what’s going on in your body, and knowledge is power. However you may feel about your results, it’s important to understand that your health is constantly changing, which is why Function is designed to test for your personalized baseline twice a year. It’s amazing how much your health can improve over the next 3-6 months now that you know where to focus.

Function helps you own your health outside the doctor’s office. If you’re looking for additional support, discuss your test results with a doctor.

Your Function concierge will reach out when it’s time to be tested again. In the meantime, get a re-test anytime with Function’son-demand menu.