The future of personal fitness begins inside your body.

The science-backed power of inner fitness
The science-backed power of inner fitness

Function transforms fitness into a science. By comprehensively testing and tracking over 100 biomarkers in your body, you drive performance forward based on the science of your ever-changing body. Armed with targeted insights on inflammation, thyroid function, metabolism, heart health, toxicity levels and more, these tests can profoundly transform your approach. It’s time to transcend traditional training and step into a new realm of health: inner fitness.

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Unlock 100
Healthy Years
The first-ever membership that includes the cost of 100+ lab tests—comprehensive across heart, thyroid, hormones, metabolic, toxins, nutrients, autoimmunity, and more. Robust results turn into actionable insights from top doctors. Just $499 per year.
Included with Membership
Your Year-Round Connection to Your Body
Function is the one place for advanced lab testing, results tracking, insights, and explanations, allowing you to concentrate on living. No hidden fees. No insurance involved. FSA and HSA eligible. Just $499 per year.
Function includes the cost of 100+ lab tests.
Each membership year begins with the Annual set of the most comprehensive  100+ lab tests.  Then 3-6 months later, members receive a Follow-Up set of 60+ lab tests to see how their body has changed.
Whole-body testing. 
All-in-one testing across heart, hormones, thyroid, cancer signals, nutrients, heavy metals, metabolic health, liver, kidney, pancreas and even more. 5x more testing than most physicals.
Re-test as needed.
Focus on specific areas or test everything again. Easy to book. Fully transparent prices.
Exclusive invites for friends and family.
Easy to read. Easy to understand. Evidence-backed insights based on your unique results, developed with the world’s top doctors.
Access to Grail’s Galleri cancer testing.
Detect 50+ cancers. As early as stage 1. Just two vials of blood. Includes ovarian, breast, testicular, cervical, melanoma, colon, and pancreatic.
How Function works
Function makes comprehensive testing easy.


5 minutes to book
Book a time slot at one of the 2,000+ labs across the U.S.


15 minute lab visit
Annual tests require two lab visits and 8-hour fast.


Take action. Test again.
Results become personalized insights and clinician reviews.
Woman sitting on couch reviewing here test results on her phone.
Results Over Time
Stay up-to-date with your ever-changing health. Results are tracked over time with clear explanations for each test in a secure dashboard. Prioritize changes, and watch your progress with each new test. It’s the first step in owning your health outside the doctor’s office.
Real testimonials from actual members
“Love love love having this service available! It is exactly what I’ve been looking for for many years as traditional western medicine is loathe to do any preventative testing besides the basic annual Chem/CBC. I love being able to take charge and be proactive in my health. Keep up the good work! You have my membership for life!”
“This is a GREAT resource, I am a professor at UCSF in the medical school and do research on chronic disease prevention... yet I can’t get all of the blood biomarkers I want measured on my own body through my primary care doctor.”
“Function Health has allowed me to set a baseline from which I can monitor & take control of my health. My Function dashboard provides guidance on how to improve my results. All of my health information is in one convenient & easy to comprehend location. I can even download my records, should I need to see a doctor for any reason.”
Frequently Asked Questions
Which tests are included with a Function membership?
All-in-one testing across heart, hormones, thyroid, cancer signals, nutrients, heavy metals, metabolic health, liver, kidney, pancreas, and even more. 5x more testing than most physicals. List of tests here.
Why hasn’t this existed before?
Comprehensive testing has historically presented major hurdles to patients, including the need to decipher hard-to-read PDFs, google searching what results mean, adding numbers to spreadsheets to catch trends, and getting tests without  knowing the cost until the bill arrives. Function organizes all of this and delivers so much more—including transparent pricing and insights from world-renowned doctors based on your results.
Where is Function available?
Function is available in the continental U.S. Function requires our members to have a permanent residency in the U.S. with a valid U.S. address and active U.S. phone number to be able to provide the full extent of our services.

Lab visits are available at 2,000+ locations across 47 states. At this time, lab visits are not possible in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
What's tested?
All-in-one testing across heart, hormones, thyroid, cancer signals, nutrients, heavy metals, metabolic health, liver, kidney, pancreas, and even more. 5x more testing than most physicals.
How do I gift Function to a loved one?
Gifting Function to a loved one is effortless. Simply click here.
How does Function compare to my annual physical?
Function includes every lab test that is typically part of most physicals, and then goes even further with access to 100+ tests across every major area, including heart, thyroid, hormones, brain, cancers, and fertility. These tests are championed by specialists ranging from cardiologists to endocrinologists.

In addition, Function includes a clinicians note every time you are tested. If there is a result that is considered urgently critical, the reviewing clinician's will call you right away. Furthermore, your lab test results will provide personalized insights from the world's top doctors.
Where do I go for my lab visit?
You will be tested at one of over 2,000 locations across the US, within 10 miles of nearly every home in the United States. Our lab partner performs over 50 million tests per year and is trusted by the entire medical community. Lab visits are not currently available in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.