Frequently Asked Questions

Function is currently in beta. What does beta mean?

Is Function comprehensive for women’s health?

How do I get started?

Who needs Function?

Which tests are included with a Function membership?

Is Function comprehensive for men’s health?

Why hasn’t this existed before?

Does Function require insurance?

When should I start Function?

How soon can I get tested after joining?

How old do I have to be to use Function Health?

Where is Function available?

Is Function available internationally?

How were the tests included with Function membership selected?

Are the tests the same used by specialists?

How does Function compare to my annual physical?

Why don't I already get tested for these when I visit my doctor?

I’ve done genetic testing. How is Function different?

Does Function replace my doctor or concierge care membership?

Do I have to use my real name on my Function account?

Is Function an insurance plan?

Does Function accept healthcare savings account (HSA/FSA) payments?

Will my insurance reimburse me for Function-related expenses?

Do I have to have a prescription to order a test?

I recently tested. Should I wait to do Function?

What more does Function offer than my regular doctor?

Where do I go for my lab visit?

How do I schedule my lab visit?

How long does a lab visit take?

Why does the Annual test require two lab visits?

How often should I be tested?

Why do I need to test every six months?

What if I have a history of fainting during blood collection?

Do you offer at-home test kits (e.g. finger prick)?

Can I get tested if I am pregnant or nursing?

Do I need to fast?

Do I need to stop taking my medications before the test?

Should I avoid seafood prior to my test?

Will Biotin affect my results?

Are Function’s tests accurate?

Can I just get one of the tests listed?

Can I add a test after I set up a round of tests?

Can Function diagnose me?

Do my biomarkers frequently naturally fluctuate?

Will Function tell me if I'm fertile?

I'm trying to conceive, what can Function tell me?

Is there a cancer test?

If I'm on hormonal birth control, what fertility tests are done?

Will Function tell me if I'm metabolically unfit?

How about testing my heart?

How about testing my thyroid?

How about testing for heavy metals?

How about testing for Alzheimer's risk?

How about food and outdoor/indoor allergy testing?

How about sexual health testing?

Will Function explain to me why I feel the way I do?

Will being diagnosed with COVID-19 or getting the COVID-19 vaccine affect my Function results?

Why are the first set of 100+ lab test results divided into two parts?

How long will it take to receive your lab results after each visit?

Where do Function's personalized insights come from?

How will the lab test results be delivered?

Does a doctor review my results?

How will I be notified when my lab test results are ready?

Can I share my results with my doctor?

Will I get a PDF of my results each time I test?

Why does a clinician review happen after I've received results?

What if one of my results is an emergency?

Can lab tests have errors?

What happens if I believe a test is a false positive or false negative?

How does Function use AI to analyze my data?

Does Function integrate with my Oura, Whoop, Apple Health or other services?

What does Function membership include?

What does your Function dashboard do for you?

Do I have to use my Follow-Up visit tests within the year?

How do I schedule a re-test?

Why is Function early access only?

How do I get early access to Function?

I'm a Function member. How do I invite a friend to get early access to Function?

Does Function have a referral program?

Can I share my membership with my partner?

Does Function have an affiliate program?

How do I change personal information associated with my account?

Can I submit my Function membership for reimbursement with my insurance?

How do I get in touch with the team?

How do I cancel my membership?

If I cancel my Function membership, can I receive a refund?

Can I delete my data?

How does Function keep my information safe?

Can I delete my data?

Who will have access to my results?

Why am I being asked to provide an authorization?

What about my HIPAA rights?  Does this mean I waive them?

Are you going to disclose my name or contact info or other personally-identifying information to any third-party advertisers?

What types of messages can I expect to receive if I agree to this authorization? I have no interest in spammy emails or texts.

I’m a provider/practitioner/coach, how can I refer my clients or patients to Function?

Do you work with employers?

I’m interested in working for Function, how can I apply?