Function is built to empower practitioners and providers.

Function makes it easy for your clients or patients to get ongoing comprehensive lab testing without the hassle and exorbitant cost.

Finally, one place that takes care of lab test orders, lab visits, results, and explanations,  allowing you to concentrate on transforming the lives of your clients and patients.

From guesswork to precision, Function allows you to understand your client’s health better and guide them to achieve results they can actually see in the data.

Get access for your practice

Comprehensive lab testing with insights from doctors
for your clients and patients.  Just $499.

How Function Works:
Designed to make everything easy.
5 minutes to sign up.
Function helps schedule all lab visits.
~15 minute lab visits at Quest Diagnostics.
Results in a dashboard with easy explainers.
Test again every six months + anytime at a low cost.
Get access for your clients or patients
Membership includes the cost of the tests.
Save thousands of dollars — $499 per year.
Membership starts with 100+ lab tests each year.
60+ lab tests follow up included mid year.
No hidden costs. No insurance involved.
Every result includes insights from doctors.
Re-test anytime at a low cost.
See the list of tests
Function handles legal logistics.
MDs cover each step of the process.
Function's MD team orders every lab test.
MDs review every result with a written report.
Providers will call an individual immediately if results are urgent (e.g. cancer signal, hypokalemia).
Results turn guesswork into precision.
Results tracked over time with clear explanations for each test.
Stay up-to-date with ever-changing health.
Get a full perspective and prioritize changes.
Show progress with improvements in results.
Get access for your practice