Build Function

Join a world-class team in building a powerful new lifelong relationship between people and their health. We are starting with democratizing the technological edge of lab testing, laying the foundation of a new data-driven health system.

Function’s team. Shockingly not a stock photo.


Social Media Lead

The Content team is searching for a driven Social Media Lead to implement a video-focused strategy across all social platforms. This role demands a readiness to quickly learn and adjust to emerging trends and tools. As a vital part of Function’s global voice, you should embrace an owner’s mindset since we’re just getting started. If you possess hands-on experience in implementing social media strategies and are eager to work diligently in bringing to market a new approach to health, we’d love to hear from you.


Software Engineers

The Technology team is seeking senior engineers with fluidity to work across stacks, languages, and frameworks. The role requires multiple skill sets or the willingness to rapidly learn new skills & frameworks. You are a crucial component of Function’s growth and should expect to take an owner’s mentality as we are just getting started. Whether you have frontend, backend, cloud native, mobile, automation, machine learning, or other engineering experience, we’d love to hear from you.