Function was founded with a singular focus: empower you to live 100 healthy years.

We know a fulfilling life depends on health, and health depends on awareness. You are the source of your truth and we are here to enrich you with the deepest awareness of what is happening within you. We start by bringing together routine whole body lab testing and the world’s top doctors. It is our first step in helping you pursue a lifetime of avoiding disease and feeling your best.

Across the Function team, we have each had health challenges shape our lives. We’ve experienced healthcare’s shortcomings juxtaposed with the brilliance of medicine.  It inspires us to remove complexity, place exponential health technologies in your hands, and put privacy first. Our unwavering commitment is to empower you to own your ever-changing health.  Function is all about you.

Welcome to your health.

The Function Team

Mark Hyman, M.D.
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

“I wish I could see millions of patients. We are building Function to democratize so much of what I do and give you the keys to own your health. It is the most powerful approach to health I’ve seen in my career as a doctor.”

Head of Strategy & Innovation, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. 14x NY Times best-selling author.

Spent years battling heavy metal toxicity and broad dysfunction. Learned to heal himself, inspiring a career pioneering new frontiers of medicine.

Pranitha Patil

“We created Function to jumpstart a more empowered, healthier life for you and your family and friends. It's done that for me.”

Left Harvard graduate school early to build Function. Formerly Accenture Health Strategy.

Vegan on a lifelong journey to manage PCOS and high cholesterol. Proudly brought down pre-diabetic blood sugar to normal range.

Mike Nemke

“Life’s too short and we’re changing that.”

Tackler of big challenges. Prototyped and built AI systems for the VA to get veterans services faster. Former Green Beret Medic and avid biohacker. MS in AI from Northwestern.

Working on decreasing rheumatoid factor. Finding success by eliminating foods based on recent tests.

Jonathan Swerdlin

“My family and I are Function members. We are building this with our loved ones in mind. We want them to be their healthiest and stick around. Everyone deserves that.”

Serial healthcare entrepreneur and investor.

Managing a lifelong neurological condition by balancing nutrient biomarkers instead of relying on medication. Reducing unusually high mercury levels. Bringing lipid particle sizes into an optimal range.

Tova Morgan
Creative & Content Director

“Proactive healthcare is the healthcare of the future. Everyone deserves to have access to the rich data of their biomarkers to stop disease in its tracks —that's the driving force for me.”

Storyteller and Creative Alchemist. Award-winning writer, designer and former Spanx Creative Director who brings the magic of mixed-media narratives to millions through brands and publications.

Using everything at my disposal to prevent the colon cancer that took the life of my father before the age of 40.

Sean O' Keefe
VP of Engineering

"Understanding the data in our bodies could hold the key to understanding longevity."

Seeker of knowledge through numbers. Previous Senior Software Engineer at Google Research focusing on bias remediation within artificial intelligence. Former Green Beret Engineer.

Constantly on a quest to optimize my mind and body through data.

Amy Crees
Operations Lead

“I love learning about my health, what affects it, and what I can do to improve it. I look at health as an exciting opportunity - just a matter of gathering knowledge and applying it.”

Registered Dietitian, operations enthusiast, and retired athlete. Lover of food and all things wellness.

Working on managing stress and nutrition to improve my digestion and thyroid health.

Kiara Conde
Associate Director of Member Experience

“I want to empower others to feel better by getting to the root cause of issues with actionable data.”

Re-imagining how people experience healthcare. Former customer success and program management at Amazon.

Striking a balance in life while navigating thyroid hormone imbalances and food sensitivities and still having fun while doing it.

Danielle Bernabe
Content Writer

"Function allows me to connect with my body and mind in a profound, in-depth way. I finally feel like an advocate of my own health."

Journalist and writer with a strong focus on wellness, fitness, and sustainability, which includes building lifelong, healthy habits. Avid reader of food labels and supporter of local farmers.

Trying to unravel the mystery of unruly menstrual cycles and finding a solution beyond “go on birth control.” Also, connecting diet with mental health: how does inflammation impact my anxiety and depression?